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  • Allie Dellosa

    February 12, 2021 at 10:55 pm

    We didn’t intentionally plan to have “heel” work like this….in fact she is not in a heel command….but…since she is so used to working of the leg it is really helping her! We will fade off of the physical help….as Brian is ready, he is a bit hesitant to “set her free”. This is their project because Rogue was being left out as Storm was progressing in her training and dock diving etc…..but I actually plan on helping him teach it the same way I would teach a horse….driving on a long line, with the ability to move behind the cart to either side. This way she can have help and become used to verbal commands coming from behind…and learn the driving lines making her more versatile. Though it looks like most drafting and carting competitions have different classes (on leash, long leash, and driving) I like the idea of being able to sit in the cart and having her pull (driving). I know that in competitions dogs don’t use e collars etc, but since we are not competing and this is FSDT we are going to probably do phase 2 and 3 to give her more freedom, so she will learn to drive and draft. I went down the rabbit hole when we started this and I think I want to just play with it and see how far she can take it.