• Arthur Lopatin

    December 21, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    When he owners tried to muzzle condition did they start w/treats next to, on the outside, a little bit inside, further inside, etc? What about wrapping a small towel on the outside of the muzzle to create a ‘food bowl,’ putting treats inside and letting him go for it (of course, they’d have to be holding the ‘bowl,’ which might get iffy.

    Was he real hungry? Did they use high-value treats? Each step of the way, did they praise enthusiastically but calmly? Did they hold the muzzle still, or even move it slowly a little away, NOT push the muzzle toward him? Did they move slowly. With a dog like this, it could take, maybe, 7 – 10 days.

    R they clear that getting his nose/face into the muzzle is just the beginning. You have to go very slowly re: getting the straps on securely.

    I’m wondering if it’s a great idea to put the muzzle in a dish besides his food so he gets used to it, and then conditioning him to it from a distance. Here’s why: it it’s next to his food bowl, he might get used to it and resource guard it, esp if he resource guards his food. In other words — it’s a question. i’m not sure — if he thinks it’s his and then what’s he gonna do? Also, how are they gonna condition him from a distance? Put the muzzle w/some peanut butter on it on a stick? I’m trying to figure understand the mechanics.

    What I’m seeing in my mind’s eye are owners who are — quite understandably — afraid of the dog. I’m just concerned that their fear — if, indeed they are fearful — isn’t being communicated to the dog, thereby validating his dominance.

    Does he resource guard his food? In other words, what happens when the owners approach his bowl while he’s eating. Also, do the owners pick the bowl up right after meal-time and the dog’s walked away, regardless of whether or not it’s got some food in it? If not, they should. Part of leadership. Ditto leaving toys all over the place. BTW, is he crate-trained? Are walks on his schedule of his owners?

    No need to answer these questions. Just some ideas you might, or might not, have thought of alredy.