• Kirsten Watry

    December 21, 2020 at 10:26 am

    Thanks Allie! Mike did say that the D&T freedom muzzle was a good choice (it happens to have a metal basket and is completely bite proof, unlike the baskerville). I do see the value in working with a muzzle that is lighter though. I think they still have a baskerville muzzle. I asked them to put in a plastic dish with the dog’s meal and he can practice eating around it and getting used to it that way, and then doing shaping exercises where the dog touches the muzzle at a distance from the handler.

    I’m not sure how bite proof the Italian basket muzzle is, but it works well for my small dog! The choice for them ultimately came down to the fit of the muzzle. We wanted to make sure it was the perfect fit to accommodate a full pant so he could eventually wear it for longer stretches of time once it is conditioned. Each muzzle has its own unique set of measurements. I refer to a Facebook group called “Muzzle Training & Tips” which is SO passionate about muzzles that they have their own size charts that are better than the manufactures and they have loads of excellent photo references.