• Taylor Bagwell

    October 28, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    The video is a bad example of my use of command structure. I was focused on too many things at once, mostly trying not to fall flat on my face. Though, that would have made for an interesting video. Lol

    My goal with “easy” is to say it before the leash tightens as an almost warning command. Then, if he keeps going as he is and hits the end he gets the finger pump. That way he can avoid the finger pump all together. And I’ll give him a different amount of leash depending on the situation. Since he may not know how much leash he has, I felt it was only fair to give him a warning when he’s almost at the end.  He’s not always looking at me or in a position to look at me. And he doesn’t look at me when I say his name except when we’re inside. Getting him to look at me when we’re outside is incredibly difficult even with treats.

    In regards to “hold up,” I have used it at the door, at the curb, when a car is passing, when he’s trying to go somewhere while I’m picking up his poop, and around the apartment as needed. He’s pretty decent at it, depending on what’s nearby of course.