• Arthur Lopatin

    October 27, 2020 at 9:33 am

    Loved it! Cool Beans! Nugget looks calm & happy. You as well. That’s the most imptnt thing.

    Gotta watch again, but a few nits: be consistent re: leash manners. when the leash gets taught, do something (you decide whether its finger pumping and finger pumping ’til the leash loosens and maybe saying ‘Nugget.’ ’til he looks at you, after which you praise in in a happy voice. The more consistent you are the easier it is for Nugget to know what it is he’s supposed to do. In that regard, I notice you used a couple (or more) words when the leash tightened. ‘Easy.’ was one of them, but there was at least one more. On the other hand, I liked the calm, authoritative way you used those words. The more predictable, the more consistent you are, the better. Nugget’s an impulsive adolescent. He needs a lot of calm structure. He’ll learn quicker that way. Also, was that a flat collar he was wearing? If so, I wonder why you didn’t use the prong instead.

    Safety notes: I don’t know if snow is a normal occurrence where you live. If it is, please be aware that salt, especially when it gets between the ‘toes,’ is corrosive/painful, causes boo-boos. It snows a lot here, so I apply something called Musher’s Secret to Carrie’s pads when we’re walking on salted village streets. Also, with Haloween coming up, watch out what he goes for. Stuff like chocolate, macadamia nuts, anti-freeze and many other things can sicken or kill a dog. That’s why I think ‘Leave It.’ and ‘Out.’ are important for safety reasons. The alternative is a strong Heel. Both work if you are consistent. I like to give my dog more freedom, make sure she knows she MUST obey asap if I say ‘Carrie. LEAVE IT.) Once you do Phase 2 & 3 that’s much easier, but you can start now. It’s preparation.

    Final note: Looking at the vid, it appears to me that you have ample space to work on all you’ve been working on in your apartment, whenever you feel ready. That’d be great. Onward to Phase 2!

    Great vid!