• Arthur Lopatin

    September 17, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    Hi, Taylor!

    ‘Likes other dogs,’ ‘aggression,’ ‘friendly, ‘plays well,’ etc. are, IMO, loaded terms.  Some people watch dogs playing rough and immediately want to put a stop to it because they’re sure it’s gonna end in bloodshed. That might be so, but  the dog’s might just be having a good time with each other and all the humans need to do is watch closely and be prepared to step in if things look like they’re starting to go to a bad place. I spent some time doing this at a doggy daycare.  I learned from that expereince. What I’m trying to say is that terms like this can be misused or used vaguely or used in different ways by different people. I often meet people with dogs on-leash who tell me their dog is ‘friendly’ and ‘just wants to play.’ and is ‘ still just a puppy,’ when I none of those things is true.

    The basic course on this website has several lectures on aggression and anxiety. And the Personal Protection course has some introductory lectures that are relevant for pet dogs. In addition to enabling you to suss out your daycare provider, stuff like this can help you progress in your dog training and enhance your relationship w/Nugget as well.

    Also, If you have some time and are interested, here’s a good primer on body language: https://dogtraining.world/start-self-help/canine-behavior/dog-body-language/

    and here’s one on types of aggression: https://dogtraining.world/knowledge-base/classification-canine-aggression-rehab-k9-1/

    Isn’t it amazing how easily and naturally we bond with our dogs?

    I hope Nugget has a happy stay at the boarding facility and is even happier to see you again.


    Dog Body Language