• Taylor Bagwell

    September 17, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    Thanks, Art. That really means a lot.

    They do not have any cameras where the owners can watch. That’d be cool though. When I dropped him off they asked me if he likes other dogs and how he plays with them. I told them that he can be a scrapper and can play rough. They said they’d put him with some more of the rambunctious dogs but would keep an eye on him in case. As I was leaving I heard them talking with an owner about another dog there for daycare and the staff mentioned behaviors that the dog had been exhibiting the day before. I took that to mean that they actually watch the dogs a bit.

    Last time I boarded him I did specifically ask about any aggression issues that might have occurred. They said Nugget never aggressed but another dog did aggress towards him, their words, but Nugget backed down and that was all that happened.

    I will definitely ask more questions when I pick him up. Thanks again! It already feels weird without him. Lol