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  • Arthur Lopatin

    August 12, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    I don’t know how far u r into Fdtn-Style training, Taylor. How old is the dog. Where did your parents get him? How old — and physically fit — are your parents? Without more info –in writing and / or a video — it’s hard to be really sure. But my hunch is that your parents got a fairly young, rambunctious, bored lab who is just doing what comes naturally. Lotsa young labs are rambunctio9us. Jumping on people is often a way of seeking attention. I tell you flat out: Your dad’s WRONG/MISTAKEN re punishing the dog. That will make things worse. Side effects ranging to cringing, submissive urination, fear aggresssion, all kinds of things that are totally unnelcesary and cruel to the dog + being ineffective. What you need to do is explain the Fdtn-Style Pyramid to your Mom and Dad and start working on it. Right now, focus on managing the problem, NOT punishing a dog. Have him on a leash or long line in the back yard. Don’t leave the 9-yr old alone in the backyard with the dog. See if you can fetch with the dog. Use two balls. One or more of Mike’s Phase two training videos shows how. Retriever’s like to retrieve 🙂  Also take teach him loose-manners and take him on walks. If it’s hot, you can soak him down before going and keep the walks short. Too much more to write about here, but right now you need to focues on management and leadership while you start on obedience training. To help you, here’s the introductory and phase 1 chapter of a manual i’m working on. Hope it helps. But, remember, the manual’s on obedience training. Obedience training is Level 9 of the Foundation-Style Pyramid. You need to expalin it to your parents and, right now, focus on management , leadership, habitation. Also, make sure there are no underly8ing health issues and that your dog’s getting a good diet and supplements like fish oil. Diet can incluence behavior, for sure. anyway, i’m attaching the manual