• Arthur Lopatin

    August 4, 2020 at 8:04 am

    sorry to have broken these comments up. busy w/storm preps. here’s a coupla more ideas: tug is prey. make it prey like when u present it and play w/her as much as possible. esp, when u present it, don’t push it into her mouth, which might make her draw back, discourage her. (this is esp imptnt, if i remember rite, when playing w/puppies, bec. a bad experience of bumped in mouth w/tug can discourage).

    another suggestion re tug presentations: step back, sometime to L & R sides as you move it away from her, which will make her chase it more intensely. in other words, vary your presentation of tug to make it more interesting/prey-like.

    if u haven’t already, please check out Mikes vids. the url for one is somewhere up above. also, be careful, it’s easy to trip, sprain a muscle, etc etc.