• Arthur Lopatin

    August 3, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    additional thought: when she knows out, premack it; i.e., make it a reward for outing. i think one way to do that might be to tell her to down or place and walk around w/the tug for a short while, then toss the tug away from you, keeping a firm grip on the long line that’s attached to the tug, as you tell her ‘OK.’ to let her know she can go for it. then move in, hand over hand, on the line attached to the tug, til you get to it. it’ll be in her mouth, so grab one or both ends of the tug (depending on what’s sticking out of her mouth) and play tug with her some more. just be careful not to accidentally get bit. ……another suggestion…..in addition (more important than ‘good girl,l  i think form a protection pt of view), if you can tug with one hand as she’s pulling, pet her with the other. to let her know she’s doing good. then out again. …… but chek w/mike, pls.