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  • Michael D’Abruzzo

    May 25, 2020 at 9:22 am

    Thanks for the update Vasilis!

    The best way to post videos here is to upload to youtube and then post the link directly into the message.  You can put in the video settings ‘unlisted’ if you do not want your video to be searchable to the public unless they have the link.

    As far as flooding she may be a good candidate if it is truly just an irrational fear and otherwise you just cant seem to make reasonable progress.

    With things like this it is difficult to try without good protective equipment.  Do you have protective equipment so that you can remain calm and not be injured?

    I have flooded several dogs that i just could not even attach leashes or remove equipment.

    I generally would use a leash slip that was closer to 1 inch in diameter or at least 3/4 inch wide to reduce risk of injury to slip over the dog head and then keep the dog close as i calmly pet around neck and collar without reaction at all to the aggression.

    Depending on the size of the dog and my ability to stay away from the bite i used either full bite suit or just thick leather jacket or cordora jacket with layers underneath and animal handling gloves.

    With the wrong dog, especially a large dog that is most confident no bite should be taken on the hand even with gloves as a strong bite will break bones in the hand. I would keep a fist clinched if i was expecting a bite to avoind a finger getting broken.

    Flooding to our touch is potentially one of the more dangerous techniques to do as a trainer so if you do try that route make sure everything makes sense that you can do it calmly and safely.


    Vasilis Palivos