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  • Josh Young Young

    April 25, 2020 at 11:13 am

    Hi Allie, thanks for the reply. I haven’t used Panacur, but my monthly heart worm preventative, Sentinel Spectrum, treats and prevents Hook, Round, Whip, and Tape worms as well as heart worm. Do you see that ad OK, or is there something about Panacur I’m missing? And yes, after learning so much on this site I totally agree with you that leadership, management, and productive play / work will go a long way.  In regards to “leave it” I was only able to find a “phase 1” leave it video, do you know of any additional references to a “leave it” all the way through level 3? Anyhow thanks for the advice and encouragement, and I know my dog isn’t stupid. Now that I’ve learned how some peoples “attitudes” can really destroy a training plan I shouldn’t have used that word,  I meant it harmlessly like you would call a friend stupid for acting silly.