• Yossi Amsalem

    February 5, 2020 at 1:33 am

    Sounds like the wall, blanket eating are attention seeking behaviors- can be reinforced even if the attention you’re giving her is negative.

    so how should i react in this situations? this all happens after she was on 1 hour walk, play and eat. i am going to start phase 02 habitation with her in the next few days when i get the e-collar, but i am trying to find any solution before i do it. this is make any difference if i will do the habitation before phase 03 traning?

    about the dominance agression:
    yes she is a cannan dog, a middle east pariha dog, part wild and shows very different behavior from the modern breeds.
    she is the only dog live in my house but there is always friends who come with their dogs. she very like this dogs and always play with them since she was 3 months old.  when there is another dog in my house and me or my wife was out and get back to the house, she and the friend dog are come to the door to welcome me and then nella (my dog) attacks the other dog, who is little bit older and much stronger girl(bully mix) then her, and still she show submission to nella when she is attack her, i thing its also reinforce the behavior.
    how should i react in this situations? should i correct her? sh do show warnings
    i do like to adobt antoher dog in the future and also planing on first child, so i have to take care of this problem soon.
    hope you understand my english 😀