• Arthur Lopatin

    January 27, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    some people do. in the usa, last i looked one or more company made veggie kibble. personally, i think it’s crazy because dogs are primarily carnivores. most of the veggie nutrition they get comes from eating the insides of carrion or animal’s they’ve killed themselves. that’s life.

    but if you wanna feed your dog veggie, you need to make sure your dog gets enuf of all the nutrients he/she needs in correct proportion. they also need exercise for their jaws and teeth, which eating bones supplies. chewing on bone (uncooked) also helps minimize plaque. while i’m ranting, it’s important to remember to keep your dawg’s teeth clean.

    i wonder if chapatties, dal, dahii, saag, etc can keep a dog healthy. maybe so. i wonder if there are any reliable scientific studies about this. or maybe there are ashrams out there w/healthy, happy, long-lived veggie dogs. 🙂