• Yossi Amsalem

    January 18, 2020 at 1:27 am

    Hi Daria, sorry for the delay.
    she tear them up while we playing tug and then all she car is to get all the stuffing wool out. i dont think she had any aversive experince because she is inside the home or with me on walk, never alone outside the house.
    i previously play tug with her with ropes and tug toys, and after she is stop play with them i buy some new to encourage her to play again, it works for a few times and then she get bored again.
    i dont try flirt pole but i did somthing semilar with a line and a tug toy and its drive her to play but she is going and pull the line instead o the tug toy. its actually feels more like a dog who dont want to eat is dy food but still hungry and want to eat other foods, becasue she is trying to pull on every other stuff then her toys with a lot of energy, and this is after she is eat, go out for a walk, having a chew toy/kong.
    thank you for the help, i will try the tease her like you suggest.