• Yossi Amsalem

    November 8, 2019 at 3:31 am

    Hi Daria, thank you for the fast reply.

    im actually dont expect her to complying yet, just want her the get a walk without so much corrections and to understand if im doing somthing wrong with her, is this normal that she pulls on prong when there is distractions?
    she is not so much food motivated, but in last month she get 80% of her food in traning so now she work for her kiblle. the problem in walks is that if she dont stop to chew the kibble she is choke by it and cough, and if i let her stop to chew it after every reward the walk get stuked way too much.
    treats dont get her attention unless they new. so i make her treats from chicken but it is not realistic to walk with chicken in my hand every walk. maybe i should give the kibble another try with slower pace.

    i play a lot of tug\fetch with her, but always after the walk and food she get energetic and play mood.
    its a problem in the morning because she want to get out for bathroom, but itss a good idea i wall give it a try in the evening walk see if its going to work. about running and biking with leash, i was told not to do it until she is done growing.