• Arthur Lopatin

    October 16, 2019 at 11:24 pm

    Any possibility that some kind of health issue’s involved? Are your friends feeding the dog at the same time every day? How many times / day? Do they have an idea how long after eating that the doog poops. (Maintainin a Habitation Chart would be useful) How about treating this adult dog like a puppy that needs to be trained not to poop or pee inside; i.e., on-leash at home near owner so that when owner sees first signs of needing to excrete, he/she can take dog outside to poop (or pee) and, if for some reason the owner has to be away from dog for a while, then dog’s in small crate, bec if crate’s small the dog is more likely to ‘hold it in,’ since dogs don’t like to lie down on their own poop. But crating dog wouldn’t work if owners go to work all day, Not fair to dog. In short, it seems to me that they have to make believe their adult dog is a puppy re pooping, assuming no health issue’s involved. It also might help if they were feeding high-quality, high-density food, simply because such a diet makes for less poop. It’s also important to know when dog needs to poop and get dog outside before the poop, and praises dog for pooping outside, etc; i.e. everything you’d do w/a puppy Interesting problem. I hope this helps.