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  • Daria Rylkova

    October 14, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Yossi,

    If you’re at home, and you say “leave it” and then toss a toy or a piece of food, would she leave it alone? If not, she may not understand leave it, in low distraction environments, to the extent that would be needed, for you to expect for her to understand it in higher distraction environments. As with every other command, you would proceed towards longer durations and a variable reward schedule with “leave it.” Before doing these exercises outside with a halti or starmark, she should have learned to avoid and escape a correction in a low distraction environment. Once you’re at the point, where you have introduced phase 2 in a low distraction environment, and move to higher distraction environments, you would set up situations- don’t wait for her to find something she wants, before asking her to leave it.  Have you watched the Foundation v4.0 livestreams on phase 1 and phase 2?

    That would have much more information, than the youtube clips. You would introduce phase 2 with a command like “sit” or “place.” If those make sense to you, then a phase 2 leave it would be similar to teaching a phase 2 “place.” Are you rewarding her with the same thing you’re asking her to leave alone?

    If you could show a video, of we’re you are with leave it, it would be easier to suggest, how you should proceed.