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  • Yossi Amsalem

    October 14, 2019 at 3:06 am

    Hi Daria,
    she will comply in traning session and when i hold treat/food in my hand from anything, but on walks when she want to take cats pop/stick/rotten fruits around trees she wont leave it and the i need to take a treat to her nose and say “out” and she might comply and might not and then i open her mouth gently and get it out, i know this is no good but this stuff make her sick.
    on the obedience check list with leave it and out i’m only mark the behavior, how to get forward its my question, should i aplly a inteval and duration traning for leave it? because its not make so much sense to me.
    i dont start with phase 2 yet im waiting for starmark and halti to arrive.

    thank you