• Michael D’Abruzzo

    September 10, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Hi Maria,

    I am sorry it took me so long to chime in on this one.   You definitely sound like you are in a desperate situation and I feel for you.

    You are managing two different dogs that both are high difficulty level alone and owning two can make the situation 3 times as difficult.   Besides the dogs, taking your own quality of life into consideration is very valid.

    I can always help with suggestions of management and training, but only you will know when it is just too much work and/or dangerous for your unique situation.

    I can speak for myself, as a pet professional, that I couldn’t fathom doing the amount of juggling and management that you are doing with all your dogs on a personal level.

    No one would ever think less of you if you explored other options that would mean a better quality of life overall for all your dogs and you.  A  very very small amount of the human population would have put in a fraction of the effort you have put into just ONE of your dogs.

    Sometimes, when we love dogs so much we want to save them all, especially the most disadvantaged ones, but we all have our limits and we find ourselves in a triage situation where we need to make difficult decisions to save the most dogs.

    I have had to make many difficult situations in my career and life when it came to things like rehoming and euthanasia of dogs.  My compass has always been the future quality of life of the dogs’ in question and if ultimately a decision would allow me to give a better quality of life to more dogs and even the ability to save more dogs by allowing one to go.  That is the heart of triage.  I would suggest watching this stream if you haven’t already: triage

    No matter what direction you decide with your dog, me and I’m sure other trainers will be here to support you.