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  • Kim James

    August 4, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    Hi Matt,

    My name is Kim and I’m also a student of FSDT, Great to read your efforts toward building foundations with the dog and the clients!

    “Is this a situation of the dogs potential is maxed out and management protocols is the only thing left to do or can more be done?”

    IMO potentially Yes, expectation management on the owners and trainers behalf is obviously a key ingredient here.

    My question is: Is the owner willing to walk around without a leash?

    As trainers and owners sure we want to find an ideal situation better than the last, however sometimes you may end up doing a lot of circle work.

    Actually I hear “toy drive ” mentioned a lot these days sometimes it can be quite convoluted what constitutes the “drive” aspect, from what Ive seen it is not the tangible device that is the key motivator, it is the engagement with the human, potentially the engagement with the other dog is more reinforcing and therefore more motivational than with the handler (insert game) if given the opportunity.

    (And I think you know why given the information presented)

    Can the owner vary the game or engagement to create more reinforcement and motivation?

    Has the owner thought about a “relax” signal?

    Is the owner able to effectively utilise punishment?

    I would inform the owner in this manner:

    “Honestly at this stage you really NEED to have reinforcement or punishment in the bank comparable with the motivation you’re competing against, primarily those moments you will see truly how effective the training and relationship is. Firstly its a chance to reinforce the behaviour you desire, and engage with your dog, secondly knowing that the dog is more interested in engaging with you through the toy than engaging with another dog should be high on your satisfaction list. Being in a situation without reinforcement or the ability to implement punishment during challenging times for the dog is not ideal for the dog, handler or trainer.”

    I love to echo Mikes words here “punishment is used to guide the dog towards reinforcement” and its 100% true, he also says “you don’t want to pick a fight with Mother Nature”

    IMO avoiding said situation is truely the best solution from an overall command/leadership perspective.

    Im interested on how you go! keep us updated!






    With your dog, live, love, learn.