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  • Daria Rylkova

    May 3, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    I’m using a mini educator e-collar and having trouble identifying the minimum level that my dog can feel. I can detect a momentary stim on level 6-10 depending on where I put the collar. She is a shep husky mix and has a very dense undercoat around her neck. I’ve tried moving the collar around and even switched out the normal length contacts for the 3/4 inch ones, but don’t see a response as I go all the way up to level 30/100 indoors. I’m worried that if I start off at a high level that she can barely feel, that her collar will shift to where it’s much more painful. Are some collars or contacts better than others for dense undercoats?

    In the mean time, I’ve been training her with the vibration stim. Under low to moderate distraction, the vibration is pretty aversive- more than what I would want to see as a reaction to an electrical stim. She very quickly picked up how to escape the vibration stim, and her already decent recall, is getting better after a few days of practicing at the park with a long line. However, she has no problem blowing off the vibration if she’s already chasing/treeing a squirrel. So it seems like the vibration is too aversive as a correction for most situations, but not aversive enough once she’s already mid hunt.

    Would really appreciate some advice!