• Kim James

    January 16, 2019 at 2:28 am

    Awesome looking dog! what are your thoughts?

    I’m going with a bully type breed,  looks like a blue nose pitty. very bold, high prey, strong, loyal and gamey

    Yeah Mason thats fair enough I mean what they’ve done is a very admiral thing and they are definitely giving the dog another great opportunity in life for sure,.

    I feel Its cool if people want to do it their own way, just be there for support as you are when times get tricky, it might make sense to them once they see what their dealing with, give them time to let the waters settle.

    I think that most people know how to establish a relationship with a dog and without actually knowing they conduct a lot of leadership exercises through the process. I personally wouldn’t implement to much in the way of true leadership exercise (you and the dog)as you may inadvertently end up slotting into the “leadership” role the dog needs and when your away the dog may feel its right to jump in that spot and then walk all over your parents.

    You can definitely remind them of the specifics and when you see a perfect opportunity, get them to do it.


    keep us in the loop with how it all goes…Happy training!!