• Kim James

    September 21, 2018 at 7:14 am

    Hi Brad 
    May I ask are you fluent with the foundation style language and the most recent update?

    This information would be essential with regards to the implementation of a goal orientated schedule and routine which the puppy requires, personally I would let the puppy enjoy the growth and focus on social settings and socialisation as a matter for the pup to learn simply how to exist in the world with it’s new family. Being careful to not lead the puppy into temptation to do the wrong thing, which can be tricky sometimes especially with children.

    To answer your question point blank

    It’s as easy to mess up a puppy as it is to promote a steady learning curve.

    If you have an achievable goal and everyone in the household is on board, the puppy will florish. Be patient, detail your plan to the other members of the family, delegate tasks to instill ownership and responsibilities.

    May I ask what type of Dog have you taken on?