• Dave Page

    August 28, 2018 at 12:30 am

    Can’t put it there so here it is.

    As for biting when being pulled away  I was told it was always when there were lots of people around, and the best I can gather many would have dogs with them.

    From the way he acts around mine he is used to getting most of his needs met from other dogs. These are usually high drive/energy dogs.

    Introduce him to tugs yesterday as a premack, and he was amazed.

    He will whine and focus on other dogs but not in an aggressive way.

    Picked him up Friday 24th.
    Additional things I have learned about him.

    Was punished for submissive urination until vet told them to stop 2 weeks ago.

    Since he started marking. just coming over, and hiking his leg on them out of the blue. One especially.

    When I pulled in the parking lot he was on his back feet trying to go after someone in the parking lot.

    After I headed toward them he directed to me, hair bristled, barking growling and lunging at end of leash on back 2 feet. No amount of them yanking or hollering at him by them did any good.

    Approaching them in a circle looking away threw him off enough to get close enough to meet them. No muzzle.

    He sat ON their feet between us. walking a fine line between lunging at me or not. Had the look of not sure of the right thing to do.

    As much as they just wanted to hand me the leash. It was about to set him off. Got them to walk.

    Even though it was hard for them to hold him I had the man walk with me, 1st 50yrds I walked even with the man, 2nd 50 with the dog, 3rd and 4th 50yds just ahead of him. on the 4th 50 he acknowledged me and I took the leash on the last 5o.

    In a few minutes by constantly changing directions. and using leash pumps he was walking a decent heel. He just had a standard flat collar, but it still worked well.

    Only thing he knew was sit, so I was having him do so every-time I stopped, Pat him and tell him good boy. On one occasion I said his name, and very slightly moved my hand for him to sniff again. He yelped like I had hit him, jumped to the end of the leash ears pinned, waiting for me to come after him, ready to defend himself.

    I ignored it and started walking. Although not lunging or pulling even after several more minutes he wouldn’t get closer than the end of the leash and kept watching my hands, ready to evade. The only way he ever responded to his “name” was when paired with any hand movement. New Name now. No issues like that since that name hasn’t been spoken. Apparently it’s a trigger.

    When we were finishing paper work, he insisted on sitting on her feet, or literally leaning against her legs.

    Took him for a walk so they could leave and he was past his earlier avoidance.

    Told he would act like a cornered animal in the crate if you approached it, an had to be coaxed out since the “incident.” Never got full story on incident. So left leash on him. Had no issues myself so left it off after that.

    Nest morning at a stop he barked at someone and I lightly touched by his collar and he yelped a little and spun around, saw me and was okay. If I had said his name I think it would have been different. Collar grab is also a trigger.

    Told he wouldn’t hardly drink. Drank over a gallon in the first 12hrs we had him.

    Getting him out of the kennel this morning, 27th, was the first time he submissive, or nervous urinated since we have had him. Not sure which it was. Will not use bathroom in kennel.

    No aggression to either my wife, myself or our other dogs since we have had him. Took him to the vet today and had him with me half a day and no aggression towards anyone.

    Learned down command from 2 times. Done well since just has patience of a 3 month old. Already knows heel, command and how, from working with him a couple times yesterday.

    In many ways like an 8wk old puppy.

    Won’t get farther than 40ft from me.

    Has only tried one dominant gesture with us, leaning against us while standing. Shoved him off with a knee and hasn’t tried since.

    Started leadership from the beginning. He isn’t what I consider a classic dominant dog. I was expecting something like Ace as they are half-brothers.

    Although he has bad habits, I haven’t yet seen any dominant type behavior from him. Mostly eager to learn and please.

    Seeing him the first time it appeared to be fear aggression, confusion, and stress.
    Any advice?

    And, I haven’t dealt with a dog who has been punished for 8 months of his life for submissive urination. Will one who has been punished for it so long ever get past it?