• zahed subhan subhan

    May 5, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Many thanks Judy!

    All very helpful information particularly the “auto sits” – which now I come to think about it don’t make that much sense : just a legacy from the trainer that worked with my previous GSD (and me)..but I can see the potential to confuse.

    I very much appreciate the power of a marker (whether it is “yes” or “good boy”/”good girl”), but is there any use in saying “no” when he doesn’t quite follow through with a command that I know he knows backwards?..meaning the word “no” (at the same time as the correction..and then the repeat command?

    An example: “Kimba” – “Place” – (he doesn’t fully get there and lies down just in front of his place board) – “no” (with correction) – “place”?

    Apologies for being too analytical or too dumb or both!