• zahed subhan subhan

    May 3, 2018 at 4:54 pm

    Hi Courtney – just to add the translation to heeling:

    In terms of heeling I do the same:

    “Kimba” – “heel”- move my right foot forward (I heel on the right) – we start walking – he knows heel now and so if he walks ahead or out of line, I use a small wrist correction if he steps too much out of line. If he is going well I occasionally say “good heel” and also stroke his head. I have him on heel for a few minutes and come to a stop – he sits automatically (albeit somewhat reluctantly at this point in his training) – treat or lots of praise – release with “free”.

    Kimba then is free to sniff other dogs pee or what ever doggy things he wants to do!

    We keep doing that repeatedly.

    Don’t know if that is the “right” way, but so far so good..