• zahed subhan

    April 16, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    Thank you!

    Thank you. This is a lot to assimilate, but it all makes sense for sure.

    Background: our prevous gsd, we had from 10 weeks old until he passed from HSA at 8. He was “hack trained” .. as I now know it. Went to a so-called boot camp (food reward frowned upon) and came back seemingly obedient and compliant on-leash, off leash, but would show episodes of aggression/dominance/extreme protectiveness. He was a lovely boy but seemingly “destroyed”: We went back several times (mistake). The trainers answer was always stronger corrections..until he yelped in some instances, turn up the e-collar..

    Different issues with this new rescue.

    I need to get better at this!

    Thanks again

    Incidentally, I have summers off (College Professor) and I would love to learn much more. Is there a trainers school you would recommend?