• zahed subhan

    April 15, 2018 at 11:06 am

    Many thanks for this Dave. Kimba tends to forge ahead regardless, but I have noticed that he is much more obedient when he has had some energy drained out of him..and perhaps that is the key to moving forward with heeling (and other obedience). For an older dog (6 years) he does seem to be quite puppy like and need s more exercise than perhaps we had anticipated (we are used to that having raised a GSD from 10 weeks). I will go back a couple of steps and restart phase I but do this after he has had a runabout. One challenge is that he has no ball drive and doesn’t particularly care for tug or other activities we might have done with him..Lots to work on with a rescue that doesn’t seem to have had a pleasant upbringing.

    Thanks again