• Dave Page

    February 5, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    Videoing training by naming is too late. If referring to that, it’s simply watching their signs for a day or two to learn body language tells before they perform an action. They will almost always telegraph an action before they do it. It was just an experiment. I was curious if it would work.

    I learned his telegraphs and named the actions, as he completed it, then praised him. So he was never lured or placed into position.

    Here is a clip of him at 8 weeks, his first real session after 2 weeks of naming his actions.


    As for videoing his ‘aggressiveness’ on being handled; They have always caught me by surprise.

    The issues with rolling him over had arisen, when once I needed to turn him over to inspect a tick bite, scratch or something on his underside. Although in play he would turn over on his back on his own, but getting him to do it if wasn’t of his own volition took some time.

    The issues with his front legs has happened 3 times, once when I was driving and he was in my field of view, I told him down he just looked at me, so I gently cupped behind his legs to slide them so he would lay down.

    Another when he was climbing a ladder I cupped his leg again to show him which to move.

    Third was an instance like the first. I have thought he may have joint pain but his joints check fine.

    He has always been petted, and loved on in praise so I never expected to have to work past issues of him being “handled.”

    Leading to my question; if only lured into position, and he isn’t used to being placed in certain positions, how do you keep from having issues of the dog being handled?

    I hope that helps.

    What I have been doing for the leg aggression is sporadically  picking them up to look at and massaging them to get him used to them being touched and manipulated.