• Kim James

    November 10, 2017 at 5:05 am

    Hey Dave that could be a bit of barrier frustration in there too, really looks like he wants to engage for sure, I guess thats how I’ve seen Ghost act on leash in a similar situation and thought you know what Im going to let you get it out of your system and engage and experience (the experience being boring compared to me with a tennis ball), the difference is Ghost is a boarder collie cross and your dog is BMC both High drive animals but slightly different drive tendencies, so letting Ace of leash to engage may not be appropriate at the store.


    Im just spit balling here but maybe set up a controlled scenario with less distractions in a field or open area and have someone familiar approach from a distance, far enough so that Ace can see but can’t identify,(it’d be good to know the distance he starts grumbling and growling) let him out of the truck have the person casually continue walking and fully ignore him completely even if he jumps up and demands attention, recall then praise. if he fails to recall have the person turn and slowly walk towards the truck to close the gap and entice him to obey the command, reward and praise when he comes.

    I guess after all he’s a pup and wants to socialise and engage, most probably has tons of energy he wants to dump at any given opportunity. can i ask is this type of behaviour happening first thing in the morning or after a busy day? Id just like to know what his energy levels are when this type of stuff is going on.


    Cheers for the video Dave can’t believe how big he is already!!!