• Kim James

    November 8, 2017 at 4:59 am

    I’d say your on the money there mate… my training dog Ghost has started to do the same thing when he sees large body of troops marching around stand off and alert barks short sharp barks. Its slightly fear related but thats a normal expectation i have from him. I’ve let him off lead to go and investigate a few times and he just runs up and mingles between the troops trying to ruck heavy its pretty funny, but it gives them some moral too…yeah I’d say he’s just learning the ropes.

    I guess theres options out there…..you could go down the desensitising/counter conditioning road if it was really an issue for you but again thats something you need to consider from a holistic stand point i believe.

    I’ll put the video of Ghost getting nervy when a group of troops walk passed the kennels and when i release him he runs up to them to see where there going? and there all like “oh wow a puppy” (enter whistles, pats, and kisses) and he just tears off as if its nothing. i guess when i think about it now thats a counter conditioning moment right there 🙂 considering i want him comfortable around troop movement.