• Kim James

    October 2, 2017 at 5:58 am

    Hello Maria,

    Glad to help 🙂

    Great advice from Davis 100% echo his thoughts.

    A lot to take in at first, take your time with this one there is no rush.

    Definitely play out the scenarios in your mind that your going to put him in, before you actually put him in them just to make sure its not beyond his reach.

    For instance, you know that when the workers are outside and he is there with you that its hard for him to remain focused on you.

    You can now use that as his threshold.

    Do you want to test his threshold now? probably not. You really want to set him up for success.

    Absolutely take notes and keep a little diary. Little things will surprise you when you sit back and review the days.

    Now to be fair to the dog for its safety, yours and the workers. I agree with Davis you may need to implement some control measures.

    Remember these workers are on his “turf” .

    But also his turf is “YOUR” turf so he needs to understand and respect that fact,  and this is where the leadership piece comes in.

    Have a read of this..


    I believe Navy is in good hands, I admire you very much for taking on the responsibility and effort to help Navy through these times. Well done to you !!!   🙂