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  • Dave Page

    September 2, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    I have started the habitation chart tried to head off an event this evening.

    I had to crate him for a short time so my wife could work with lexi. He had another fit wanting to get Lexi again and nailed my hand when I tried to block him. Lexi has almost made an enemy by distracting him like she wants to play and then taking what he had and leaving. I have been focusing on redirection, when he is focused it is hard to do.

    I was attempting to play tug with him successfully for half a minute but led to me being aggressively “attacked.” I was squatted down as not lean over him, he released the tug and started going after my leg and arm after just a few moments, mostly the arm and hand holding the tug. I changed the game to one of chase and seek after a short distraction, and ran to the truck to get my flirt pole. We then had a good game of chase the ‘duck,’ tug, repeat a few times before I called it off.

    Since even Lexi still has a hard time not going for the hand or arm holding the tug, I am trying to understand the instinct behind it. We had to go to the flirt pole and gradually progress to holding the tug with Lexi to save our hands and wrists. Still have to watch it as there are times she forgets and goes for the arm or hand.

    Most others have always gone for the moving object instead of the hand/arm.

    Seems such a propensity to go for the arm holding an object would be good for protection work.