German Shepherd Dog

Cook is a smart, affectionate, and fear aggressive GSD.  I have been working with a trainer since Cook was 4 months old and bit my brother's girlfriend.  He knows his basic obedience commands but his day to day behavior needs a LOT of work.  I have no experience with pure bred GSD but I am willing to learn.  

To train myself how to help Cook. I do not know if it is a reasonable goal, but I would like to be able to bring Cook everywhere with me and not worry about him biting someone. If I can make him confidant enough to not be fearful to just ignore people/dogs/other animals that would be ideal.

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  1. Hi Kelly!
    Welcome, from one new member to another. Don’t you just love GSDs? Intelligent, loyal, and interdependent. Would love to see some pictures of your Cook. I think my Sadie has a little fear aggression too. I would be interested in knowing more about Cook’s training and how you work with him and the progress he makes as you move forward.

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