Review: Best dog trainer around!

  1. 1) What prompted you to seek professional help for you and your dog?
    I decided to seek professional help for my 5-month-old pit bull puppy, Mochi. I had been trying to train him on my own, but was starting to notice some behaviors that were out of my control. My puppy was starting to get dominant over me and my other dog, chewing everything in the house and digging up the yard. I also have another 6 year-old pit bull, Gunner, who I was having a hard time walking and taking him out of the house due to fear aggression. He had a lot of anxieties and would lunge at the end of the leash every time we passed another dog. At the time I contacted Allie, I was just looking for help for the puppy but Allie believes in a whole family approach and was willing to work with both dogs even though they had very different needs and personalities.

2) Were your concerns addressed? Was the training plan simple and effective?
My concerns were addressed and then some. Allie went above and beyond explaining everything in a way that I completely understood. She would send me videos that outlined exactly what to do and how to adapt to things if my dog wasn’t responding the way that I hoped. She was always available via text or call when I ran into any issues and troubleshooted everything with me at length. She created a google doc for me and my dogs that was super helpful so that I could look back at what we worked on and what my homework was for each dog. To be honest, Allie’s style of training has completely changed my relationship with both of my dogs for the better. I have developed leadership and rapport with each dog and feel like they trust me, as a handler, so much more. Gunner was a very nervous, fear aggressive rescue dog and he’s turned into this confident, obedient, amazing dog that I can finally enjoy taking out on walks. Allie once said that I rescued Gunner physically and now will rescue him emotionally and through the training, I was really able to do that. Mochi was a rebellious puppy who was trying to push the limits every chance he could get and now he’s able to listen and respect me in a way that we can both enjoy our relationship.

3) Was your dog happy and comfortable with the methods used?
My dogs were undeniably happy and comfortable with the methods used. Allie puts the dogs first in all training sessions. She is very aware of the dogs’ body language and will put the dogs’ feelings. Allie educated me on cueing into certain body languages that helped me ensure that my dog was comfortable and to know when they needed a break due to overstimulation. The dogs always get really excited when working with Allie and feel comfortable with everything that is asked of them.

4) Did you feel like the training was transparent and humane?
The training was definitely transparent and humane. There are three phases of training that the dogs go through for each command and Allie makes sure that the dogs understand the commands prior to advancing the phases. The dogs are given the opportunity to clearly respond to each command in a transparent and humane way. The dogs understand what they are expected to do and this has been crucial in our leadership and relationship building.

5) Allie at Rogue K9 Academy Claims to offer FULL SERVICE training….did she?
Allie definitely provided FULL SERVICE training. She guided me into what gear was appropriate for my dog, educated me on proper nutrition/food choices as well as adapted our training to my specific goals. She truly cares for my dogs and wants them (and me) to be successful. I would send Allie videos of me working with that dogs and she would reply with personalized feedback to help iron out any issues that I was having. She also offers group training events that have been amazing to put our training practice into real-life high stimulus situations that we can control for the dogs.

What else (if anything) could you add to give a personal perspective on your overall experience?
I would say Allie has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND for me and my dogs. You won’t find a more compassionate, amazing and hardworking dog trainer than Allie. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to have a better relationship with their dog. You won’t regret it at all.



  1. Thank you for taking the time to share your story! You started this process with a love for bully’s that was fiercely determined to advocate for the breed by being the best pittie momma possible, and it made working with you and your boys such a privilege. Having two dogs with such different temperaments can be challenging and you embrace these boys for exactly who they are and work with them accordingly. I know you going to help so many more dogs.