Learning Theory

Biological Constraints on Learning

Classical conditioning: Neutral, conditioned, and unconditioned stimuli and responses

Classical conditioning: Extinction, spontaneous recovery, generalization, discrimination

Escape Conditioning and Avoidance Conditioning

These two concepts go hand and hand so it is easiest to learn about them together: Escape conditioning - The...

Locus of Control, Learned Helplessness, and the Tyranny of Choice

Marker Training

In dog training we will often hear trainers talk about "marking a behavior".  Marking is when we send a signal...

Motivating Operations and Terms to Describe Them: Some Further Refinements

Sean Laraway, Susan Snycerski, Jack Michael, Alan Poling 2003 ABSTRACT Over the past decade, behavior analysts have increasingly used the...

Non Associative Learning – Habituation and Sensitization

Observational Learning

  The debate on observational learning in dogs:  Also refer to article on  Allele mimetic Behaviors

Schedules of Reinforcement

Shaping and Chaining

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