1. Suggestion: I haven’t gotten far into this stream, so if it’s covered in this or the next stream, please forgive me; if not, I think it would be helpful to give ball park estimates of how long it takes to accomplish (a) each phase; (b) the component behaviors taught in each phase; (c) how long each training session should take/# of sessions per day; number of reps of a given behavior per session; (d) how to structure training sessions so that they maintain a dog/handler’s interest and sense of success; (e) how to be sure you’re ready to move on to to a higher level of difficulty/competing motivator, both w/in & between phases. No doubt, (a) experienced trainers have internalized all this and (b) the specifics will vary hugely from dog-to-dog and handler-to-handler. That said, I believe ballpark estimates might be helpful, to tyro professional trainers and people learning from this site to learn how to train their own dog. Because you might know exactly how to teach, e.g., pushups, but until you’ve done it for a while, a tyro might not have a good idea of how long this can really take, which can lead to attitude problems.