Training the Protection Dog Handler



  • proper management
  • leadership
  • phase 3 obedience
  • equipment
  • establishing operations (or your job waaay harder)
  • responsible (not showing off). Don’t cry wolf to the dog

Phase 2 Minimum

Leash Ninja – Review from the foundation. All handlers should understand how to handle the leash early in the training.Β  Also see: Intro to Phase 2

Kasch and Teresa – Stance

Orfeo and Judy – Using the “zip” for bringing the dog in and out

Target – this is review

Danny – Great video to re-watch to watch Danny’s handling

Long Line – Long line very useful NOT just for protection training

  • Good where ecollars are banned
  • Helps confused dogs that need extra help from a distance
  • Good for extra safety when training outdoors

Phase 3 Minimum

Making a Handler Successful with Off-Leash Protection Training

  • Start off-leash protection in “play” with a tug, spring pole, toy, etc..
  • Remind to NOT use the name during praise
  • Use LOTS of Premack Principle
  • Minimize use of “out”. Mix up all the commands
  • Allow the dog to ENJOY each bite.Β  The longer on the bite the better in the beginning.
  • FIGHT is better than ONLY BITE (without fight). Removal of fight from the agitator should always be expected if the dog decides to remain on the bite after a change in command
  • Handler is on the dog’s same team and is NEVER a competitor. Handler is happy when the dog is biting and removes the dog from the toy or agitator and never the other way around.Β  The dog always thinks the handler’s command will bring to a better fight.
  • It’s all about TRUST


Nate – Watch for general rules mentioned in the above video and use of long line



  1. What a beautiful story with you and Nate! The ripple effects of that relationship built on love, passion and respect for the dogs is amazing. As well as taking a young guy under your wing and helping him to be a success. No ego -just desire to help and teach. I started late in life training. I wish I had someone as generous with their knowledge and time as you. And above all else, had a teacher who lifted a student up and wasn’t condescending or put them down because they didn’t know something. . It’s hard to learn from someone who has a superiority complex. Thank you for these courses. I have learned so much. I love that your main focus is teaching dogs and humans alike with respect and love.