Trainer Course

Foundation Style Dog Trainer Certification Course version 3.1
This course will teach the lecture requirements for dog trainer certification. This will be done through literature, videos, quizzes, and interaction with the instructor. Dog training mechanics will be evaluated through video or at K9-1 facility. The course requires a verbal examination and evaluation of mechanics. Those who pass the course are designated the title Certified Foundation style Dog Trainer (CFDT)
 Dear trainers,
As your instructor I want to be sure that everyone starts off on the right path.  This is not a course to be taken lightly as it is designed to put out trainers that have a thorough understanding of canine behavior, and are nimble enough to design their own complex training plans for dogs with various behavior problems in endless situations.
Before starting the course please watch these two clips from one of the greatest films of all time… in my opinion 🙂

What to take from this clip:

  1. Start each unit with full intentions of learning everything or DO NOT start a unit at all.  If you try to breeze through a unit you WILL eventually fail.  I cannot stress this enough!
  2. By taking this course you will be taking the role of STUDENT and I will be taking the role as your TEACHER.  You promise to do the coursework and I promise to teach.  If I instruct you to do something it will be for your own benefit.
  3. The coursework will ask you to do tasks that may seem irrelevant to what you are here to learn.  It may seem tedious, but it is required that you do it or you will not be the nimble trainer and canine behavior expert you came here to be.

…and from this clip:

  1. You will get frustrated and possibly discouraged before understanding the significance of what you are learning.
  2. I will ask you to be better and better.  I will likely ask you to retake some quizzes.
  3. You will understand why it needs to be this way, and then it will get much easier.


Go at your own pace and enjoy the never ending task of learning about what you love!



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