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Here you will find the most comprehensive and unbiased education in dog training available anywhere.  No more excuses or chasing the next fad in social media or sport dog training.  YOU will UNDERSTAND dog training for the real world where the variety of dogs, clients, and specialized projects are vast.  The days of mimicking others are over. You must be versatile, humane, and most of all EXCELLENT at what you do. Your confidence is 100% the priority here and guaranteed.

Reason #1

Learn from an experienced and ethical mentor that consistently produces highly skilled professional dog trainers.

Your primary instructor will be K9-1 founder, Michael D’Abruzzo, who with over 28 years of experience as a dog training student, professional trainer, system developer, and supervisor of many high-volume training projects, has the credentials and experience to provide you witthe education you deserveHe is the creator of a patent-pending system for behavior modification and training of all animals, as well as a certified career and technical education teacher of Animal Related Careers in New York.  The support forum on this site has been helping serious dog trainers since 2008.

Mike is asked to present a CTE (Career and Technical Education) Animal Training Curriculum at the New York state capital building.
Security Dog Certification
Mike certifies first security dog handler in a New York hospital system.

Here, you will find an affordable online education and support site that will exceed what is found in commercialized options because it is created out of an honest passion for educating better-qualified trainers in an otherwise unregulated field.  The public is in desperate need of better-qualified dog trainers and K9-1 is at the front lines helping to make that happen.

Membership will give you access to K9-1’s entire educational video archive with 100s of hours of video including the latest Foundation Style Dog Training Course v.4.0, weekly live-streamed classes with Q&A, 1000s of forum posts, a curated selection of reference books and articles, and most importantly, a community of professional trainers and very serious hobbyists.

With the right education, you will be an expert and not just another dog trainer.

Reason #2

K9-1 develops the most scientifically accurate and complete dog training system in the world... Foundation Style Dog Training.

It sounds like a bold claim, but it is simply true.  The secret is the power of accumulative knowledge.  The knowledge is gained from the lifetime achievements of the most devoted scientists and animal trainers since the beginning of written history.  That knowledge is then presented in the most streamlined order to maximize the understanding of the learner.

Reason #3

The students become better trainers than the instructor.

Reason #4

We care about your success.

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Your biggest investment is your time?  You deserve more.  Dogs deserve more.  The public deserves more.