Breed Considerations

As a dog owner, it is essential to understand your dog’s breed-specific behavioral tendencies.  Moreover, it is important to understand why there is such variety in our dogs’ behavioral repertoires.

After watching this video, you can explore information about different breeds on this Wiki page.

Mixed breeds will usually show characteristics in different combinations.  Sometimes, if you do not know your dog’s heritage, their behavior can offer clues, just as much as their physical appearance.

With this base of knowledge you can start to dive into specific behavioral problems here: Click to Learn about Behavioral Problems


  1. Great article. Should be required study.
    An addenum on my favorite breed, BMC, although it says “they make a great family dog, are easy to train because they are so intelligent and eager to please:”
    There is a caveat, and a contradiction, because in general they are a dominant, hard, and stubborn breed, so long as there is someone in the family who assumes the leadership role which the dogs will look to before acting, they will be eager to please and easy to train, otherwise forget it.
    As too few articles on them state, “not recommended for a first time dog owner.”