Protection Training Classes and Services


  • Equipment
  • Insurance – agree to aggressive dogs wearing muzzles
    • Many policies will not cover, so it is good to have good contracts and release forms
    • Protection training is technically “aggression control” and NEVER “attack training”.

Obtaining agitators

  • Self
  • Apprentice
  • Paid worker
  • Barter with other trainer
  • Pay other trainer
  • Club members (collaborate with other trainers and hobbyists)

Sell training or a dog or both?

  • Sell dog – guarantee health and temperament.Β  It is best to be HONEST about quirks.
  • Sell training – guarantee response to commands and certain behaviors
  • Sell both – A lot to guarantee!

Professional services

  • In-kennel
    • Owner’s dog
    • Dog direct from breeder/broker
    • Your own dog available to sell
    • How to charge?
      • worth of dog
      • labor
  • Sell trained dog
    • young dog
    • older dog
    • “green dogs” – simple contract
    • How to charge?
      • worth of dog
      • labor
      • what will you guarantee? Potential labor
  • Private lessons
    • Obedience and agitation usually in same lesson
    • What to charge?
      • time
      • wear and tear on self and equipment
      • labor of second trainer?
  • Group/club
    • Obedience first then agitation
    • What to charge?
      • More people less cost per person
      • less individual attention
      • What do you and help expect to make per hour?
      • Wear and tear on equipment
  • Working dog maintenance contracts

Do NOT compromise

  • getting paid JUST to do bite work
  • Anything that you do not feel comfortable with
  • Irresponsible owners will make YOU look bad

Example of dog available for sale and sold with training contract

What drives up the cost?

  • cost of dog
  • did you raise in your home or kennel?
  • housebroken?
  • your labor and helper’s labor
  • rarity of dog/how easy to replace
    • temperament
    • bloodlines
  • Supply and demand

Sample Contracts to Modify Found:Β HERE