Domestication 5.0

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  1. Regarding the promise. Not sure if it’s just me, but this is great and somehow scary video. It really shows relationship of dogs and humans over generations/ centuries! Also showing how much we betrayed them- Laika sent for death in the name of science, brain experiments etc but also a lot of breeds of dogs used for what they do best! And that all with addition of wolf. I like it.

  2. Great video! I like the wolf narrating the relationship between humans and dogs throughout time. It gives us a picture of dogs being used for their purposes and what we did to conform them to fit in our lives. It shows the loyalty and trust they show us and how we can misuse it for our own gain. It reflects, to me, as time passes and the way humans day to day living changes, our dogs can get left behind – not being able to do what is natural to them. We have to be fair to them.

  3. For me … it hope. It’s a reminder of the journey that wolves took from “wild” to domestication. We need to remember where our dogs came from, understand & respect not just their journey, but the sacrifices they made to become what *we* wanted them to be. Ultimately, they would still choose to be with us – they just want us to remember and to treat them with the respect they’ve earned.

  4. “The Promise” is a great example of a clean double-entendre. Throughout the video, the identity of the narrator is ambiguous – is it the canine speaking to the man or the man speaking to the canine? The narrator refers to his promise of friendship and loyalty to the end, but does not refer to any promise made to him in return. However, at the end of the video the narrator makes an entreaty not to forget “our promise.” The ambiguity is resolved: the narrator is neither man nor canine, and the promise given is the promise received. Both man and canine speak with one voice.