Ziya (was Becca vom Galeid Haus)

We purchased "Becca" from a breeder in Harrison (Gale Dinces) that we have been in contact for the last several years.  She was 9 weeks when we brought her home. We had another breeder with our first GS but had a very bad outcome and ended up severing ties with them. This is our second family GS but for us but for me, my sixth GS.  We named her Ziya.  Her mom lives in Harrison NY and her name is Quessa vom Galeid Haus.  Her dad is back in Germany and his name is Ballack von der Brucknerallee.  We have met and interacted with Quessa and she was so affectionate and her temperament was rock solid.  I really had not planned on a getting a female as I prefer males. But Quessa had made such an impression ... I went with a female. She is strictly a family dog but also serves as a protector for my family.  I have two young children. We/I have been working with Frankie Rosado who is a FSD trainer since Ziya was about 14 weeks or so.  I continue to train with him and seek his advice on a regular basis. I have never owned another breed other than a GS and can never see myself with any other breed either.  I grew up with them as a child and all my GS hold a special place in my heart with each one having their own personality.