Sage is was rescued at 8 months old. I thought I had the knowledge to take on a more challenging breed and meet her needs, I was wrong. Two fights later with one of our 13 lb dogs, I decided to get my shit together and step it up. 


She he is very well trained now around the house with foundation obedience but she is still reactive on the leash and we have never reached the point in training to interact with other dogs in a controlled and safe environment because I simply lack the knowledge of how and when that step will be made. The first goal is to reverse ingeneer this dog reactivity. 


We we have gone back to full structure. Once they were well trained in the house. I slacked on continuing training outside due to a combination of frustration, and lack of knowledge of which direction to take with training strategy. 

She loves to play tug which we have added in to her daily training. We need to work on building up her confidence she seems insecure and scared of things like vacum. I started taking her to climb on kids playgrounds. 

She gets along with our 5 year old goldendoodle just fine. She definitely is more dominant in there relationship but it is healthy fun play, they actually take turns chewing on the same bone. They have never got in a fight. I want to keep it that way. 

We have begun working out in the desert with her on a long line. Letting her take the leash and sniff then recall her back or a let’s go commando to just change direction and follow me


she is trained through escape and avoidance conditioning on the  ecollar.