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Tell us about yourself: Just a dog nerd from Hong Kong! Reasons why I decided to join this community:

1) To be well-informed and confident when it comes to everything about dogs. I want to learn more about canine behavior from experienced, scientific, and credible professionals. There's so much information in this day and age about everything on the internet - if you have an opinion on a topic then chances are you'll be able to find relevant information (e.g. Modern Flat Earth theory). In the case of canine behavior and training, I've found so many conflicting viewpoints that it boggles my mind, and it becomes very difficult to filter out the bad from the good.

2) To troubleshoot my own dog, Hudson. I came to own Hudson about a year ago when I was dealing with issues of depression and anxiety when he was just 2-months old. Looking back on this, starting out with a puppy may or may not have been the best decision I've ever made - he's brought us many ups and downs. Knowing that I could have done better, I would have handled his upbringing differently in terms of socialization. While he is an easy dog to care for in some ways, he can be difficult to manage due to issues with dog-to-dog resource guarding of toys, food, and sometimes even myself. But, the situation is what it is, so I plan to make the best of our relationship!

3) To develop the skills and knowledge required to help others as a dog trainer in Hong Kong. There's a lot of obstacles that make it challenging to raise dogs here. Whether it be the lack of space, dog culture in Hong Kong, or the misconception of dogs. So, starting with myself and my dog, I'd like to begin this change in attitude to raising dogs.
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