We adopted Sona from the San Diego Human Society, she was found wandering the streets of the city and a Good Samaritan turned into the shelter.  The Humane Society listed her as a German Shepherd mix, but when the vet saw her she said she was a Belgian Malinois.  We looked up the traits of this breed and she has them all, inexhaustible energy, very fast and athletic, very smart and very good natured.  She is a little timid with strangers, which I would like her to get over as we want her to be a guard dog.  So far she knows the following on command, sit, down, wait, here and her release word is "free", which she also understands.  I have been working on "stand" with her but I have not been able to get her to understand what I want.  She is a wonderful dog, lively, sweet and eager to please.  She only needs a knowleable trainer which is why I am here.