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Tell us about yourself: A gal with a huge heart for animals, especially canines. My favorite T-shirts are “If my DOG can’t go, I’m NOT going” and “Hold this, I need to meet this dog”. I grew up always having dogs and various pets, attended Zoo courses during my grade school summers and eventually moved on to working for a Veterinarian during my high school years. After high school I moved on to working as a kennel attendant for a Mini Bull Terrier breeder who was on the show circuit and included boarding for the public. Later my work history included a long stint working for a major pet retailer as store manager, district trainer and eventually into the corporate offices as an inventory analyst working with the buyers. Corporate sucks….I quit that.

In my adult life I have worked on horse ranches, lead trail rides, worked in basic animal husbandry, owned/operated a pet sitting business for both large and small animals. I have had many dogs in my life, five Dachshunds, two Labradors, a Husky/Shepherd mix, a APBT, a APBT/Doberman mix and currently a APBT/Husky mix along with her new brother a Boxer mix. All rescues, all individuals.

Kids are grown and gone doing their own thing, now I find myself being recently retired and living in a new town in Wyoming. I spend nearly all my time with my dogs while my husband is at his 9 to 5. I have a strong interest in finding both dogs a job to do, however there are maybe three trainers in this town and I think I would like to learn the foundations of training and put these systems in place on my own and see where it goes for my future.

So, starting from scratch and eager to learn, working with my personal dogs to see what I am capable of. Being a Virgo, I love structure, rules and obedience. Taking the human emotions out of the game will be the hard part for me.
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Sue Kimery