I brought Tazer as a puppy and at the time had no idea how to raise him. ... he was the dog that taught me how special a bond can be between owner and dog. Unfortunately Tazer never received the socialisation and training that was suitable for him until only a few years ago when I brought my other protection dog Ara from a dog trainer interstate that I realise this is what he should have been train to do all along. Sadly Tazer as  DM (degenerative myelopathy) and  I am not sure how much longer he will be with me.  I have been teaching Tazer the "leave it" command through Mike and Judy help and have made great progress where now I use it for everything I don't want him to touch. Tazer still loves his bitework no matter that he can no longer use his back legs... here is Tazer working with my new decoy and trainer.